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Petrology Translators & Interpreters for over 180 Languages and Dialects

Professional Petrology Translation & Interpreting Services

Petrology is the scientific study of the rock record of the Earth. It is a subject of fundamental importance when it comes to researching the systems and processes of the Earth and for learning more about its history. It is closely related to petrography – the in-depth assessment and description of rocks - as well as mineralogy, geochemistry, structural geology and geophysics. Like geology, petrology is also important in matters of social interest. Petrologists can discover more about the lifestyle and manufacturing methods of ancient civilisations using their findings. Their work is also valuable when addressing current social concerns, particularly when it comes to natural resources required for manufacturing purposes. Indeed, many petrologists work in the natural resource industries, like the oil and gas and petroleum sector, helping to probe the earth for new deposits and new sources of fuel. Gasoline, plastics, synthetic fibres, and fertilizers originate from petroleum deposits trapped in rock formations deep beneath the Earth and without their work, this may not be known. Petrology also contributes to our knowledge about natural disasters. Igneous rocks, a field in which many specialise, are formed from solidified volcanic lava or magma. Other branches of petrology include the study of the two other main rock families: sedimentary and metamorphic, and Experimental Petrology which investigates the geochemical composition of rocks using apparatus which places them under high temperatures and high pressure.

Whatever their speciality, petrologists often need to collaborate with other experts across the globe which calls for the help of specialist interpreters and translators. Additionally, petrology’s relationship to the fields of manufacturing, industry and natural resources means that energy companies, businesses and institutions also need to communicate with expert petrologists without language barriers being a problem. Professional Translation can help whatever your petrology-related requirement. We realise that for such a specialised subject, knowledge of terminology and processes is of utmost importance when it comes to both document translation and oral interpreting. With over 25 years’ experience providing linguists to all industries, we can offer interpreters with years’ experience and often a background in petrology or a petrology-related field, ensuring accurate and reliable interpreting for all our clients.

We are equipped to cover projects of all natures including at business meetings, discussions and for international conferences and our specialist translators can cover all manner of documentation related to Petrology including for academic journals. 

Our Petrology Translation  and Interpreting Services cover areas such as:


Geology Lithology Petrography
Mud Logging Mineralogy Borehole Sampling
Optical Mineralogy Geochemistry Geophysics
Thermodynamics Rock Studies Experimental Petrology
Research and Publications International Conferences Petrology Presentations
Oil and Gas Industry Petroleum Industry Geochemistry 


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